Biosand_Filters_in_GuatemalaFiltration systems have been developed to support access to clean drinking water in areas around the world where access to clean water is difficult or not possible. A basic filtration system can create the ability for people to drink safer water when access to a clean water supply is not possible.

The BioSand Water Filtration system is one that has been adapted from the slow sand filtration method, in which it Ohorizons_Concrete_BioSand_Filterremoves pathogens and suspended solids from the water. These systems has been developed by Dr. David H Manz, in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and with its Canadian award winning technology, the “plans” to build these systems have been made available to those in need at no charge. These systems do have to be monitored and maintained to ensure that they are being used properly. Their successful use is depended upon education and support from knowledgeable persons who take on supporting and watching over their implementation and use. If we can provide safer drinking water, it will greatly reduce the risk of water-borne illnesses that come from dirty, contaminated and polluted water, either through streams, rainfall, or tainted boreholes. TWCF has researched multiple types of filtration systems and believe that the BioSand Water Filtration technology is the best option to pursue for in the South East of Nigeria.