The Wanted Children Foundation was established to rescue and care for Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC).

It’s goal in Nigeria is to locate children that fall under specified OVC criteria, and rescue them, thus greatly improving the quality of their lives. TWCF seeks to provide long term safety, security and love to the children accepted into its life-cycle approach program by providing them with a loving home environment, food/shelter/clothing, education, medical care, and psychosocial support/counselling. TWCF uses a life-cycle approach which considers all the necessary domains of life mentioned above by providing quality living and opportunity for children until adulthood. TWCF has been created to provide relief to the target group of OVC and to ensure available opportunity to succeed in life and become positive contributing members of society on a community, country and global scale. We believe anything is possible. While TWCF is founded on Christian principles, it is open to all in the Spirit of Christ, irrespective of race, ethnicity, language, tribe, religion, gender or academic status.

The TWCF permanent site is now located in Eluama, Isuikwuato, where we all currently reside.

In 2018 TWCF was gifted a parcel of land in another village, by one of our Nigerian Advisors, Mr. Emmanuel Mbaka. Over the course of 4 years the paperwork, clearing, and building on it took place. In the summer of 2020, TWCF moved officially to their new HOME and now permanent site for TWCF in Abia State. Our own land provides security and an inheritance for the TWCF children.

Currently, the TWCF girls’ home is completed, which is a 2-storey, 6-bedroom, 4-bathroom home. It includes a study space, playroom as well as a visiting/hangout living room downstairs. This is also the home on the site that has our main kitchen and dining area. The Homestead Alternative Academy as well as our schoolhouse has also been completed; it is a 2-storey 8-room 2-bathroom building, created for the functionality of classes and sessions during the day. The upper floor of the schoolhouse, however, has been converted into a boy’s dormitory while we wait for construction of our 2nd home, the boy’s home, to be continued. The downstairs of the schoolhouse functions fully with busy classrooms five days a week, acting as sewing, crafting and play rooms on the weekend.

First Site

Our first children’s home was located in Amaba, Isuikwuato Local Government.

It was in a large compound with a two-story building that was donated to us in 2007. Through the kindness of Rev. Moses Onwubiko, who resides in the USA and who had donated his Nigerian village home for our use, TWCF had a stable location for several years. Adjustments and care to the facilities were made throughout the years to best accommodate TWCF’s vision and care for the children in our custody.

The home was two stories and TWCF accommodated the spaces to provide 8 bedrooms for children and staff, 1 office, 1 living room, 1 dining room -which doubled as a classroom), 2 additional classrooms, 1 storeroom, and 1 kitchen. The building had 3 bathrooms in the house (toilets and baths) but only two toilets were functional. Water was bucketed throughout the house daily to flush toilets and bathe with. A small poultry shed and goat shed were built on the property as well and in early 2017 enough funds were donated to drill a borehole on site, which not only provided clean water to TWCF, but also to the community around us.

TWCF ensured to provide piping and taps to the outer wall of the compound so that the surrounding community could benefit from access to fresh clean water. It remains a hope for TWCF, that the former owners who repossessed the compound, will continue to share out the clean drinking water to the surrounding community as that was its intention.