Fabulous documentary on some of current challenges Nigeria is facing

Nowhere to Run: Nigeria’s Climate and Environmental Crisis

An extremely educational and interesting YouTube video, directed by Dan McCain, called “Nowhere to Run: Nigeria’s Climate and Environmental Crisis” is an amazing film to see. It helps share many of the concerns we all face in Nigeria. Either people are directly affected by these urgent crises, or it will only be a matter of time before they are. We highly recommend taking time to view this documentary film, and hope you will understand more of the severe plight Nigeria’s people are facing.

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The Wanted Children Foundation (TWCF), was established in 2006 to meet the growing numbers of orphans and vulnerable children in Nigeria, West Africa.

The goal of TWCF is to improve the quality of life for these children by providing a family-centered home that promotes the love and compassion of Jesus Christ, where there is care in a safe and nurturing environment, health and nutrition, education, psychosocial support, and access to necessary medical care.

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