Officials from the Abia State Ministry of Education came by to inspect our school Homestead Alternative Academy. Perhaps it was due to our coming in second place in the private school competition held recently in the State. We are pleased to report that they were very happy for the work we are doing in the school, educating not our own TWCF Children’s Home children , but now opening seats to children in the community to attend. They were very pleased with our system of classes, teaching instruction, elective opportunities, and social emotional learning. They were also very impressed with our collaborative learning process of meeting students where they are at to ensure learning out comes.

Mr. Amos Antoka, one of our TWCFN Directors and our Abia State Site Manger, along with our Office Manger Gideon (HeavyD), and Principal Victoria, offer incredible oversight and hands-on work with our teachers and children to ensure our Homestead learning environment is one of collaboration, peace, joy, and learning. Their hard work of setting-up learning, which incorporates Canadian, American, and Nigerian curriculum, offers a wide variety of lessons and learning opportunities for the students which invite curious questions, personal and shared learning, and positive attitudes toward education.