It is dry season, and the heat is intense. It is only when harmattan blows that there is slight coolness in the air. With harmattan though comes dust which often gives everyone colds. Thank goodness there are oranges in season now and that we discovered ginger root grows in excess here. We keep colds away! A plus to harmattan is that the laundry dries quickly on the line and there are slightly less bugs around.

The children occupy their time once out of lessons, by working in the gardens weeding and water. They are so excited when we have things growing! We keep experimenting with growing different things, hoping we can plant more nutritional foods as well as help sustain our own food intake. It is a work in progress. The children also play cards or games on the porch as well as have various game days were football (soccer), relay races, and bean-bag toss are engaged in. We look forward to having more soccer balls and frisbees come down from Canada!

We are going through water a lot faster also during dry season, as it is so important to keep hydrated, but that is also part of staying healthy!