Hey Everyone.

SO many things have happened since the last blog about Patrick coming at the end of October!

There have been things going on in the village at the house, and things going on in the country out of Abuja. We had been back and forth participating in a great many things.

There have also been some major technology issues happening, both on the Nigerian and Canadian side, from poor network, no network, computer issues, website issues, equipment failure, power outages, replacement modems, and so on! As you all know that is not fun. We have become a people who rely so much on our technology without even realizing how much of our lives it takes up or rather how much of our lives are on them and can get lost!! Big sad learning curve and reminder.

So I will begin updating you as to things that have gone on since my last blog. While they are posted now, I will write the heading as to when they would have taken place. Also, please go to the “Photos” tab/page and subscribe to our newsletter for updated info too, that goes out every month/two months. We are working on expanding our team of techy/passionate people so we have a bit more help in managing all our social media, website, newsletters, and emailing. Hopefully with that done we can be a bit more on time with things. Thanks everyone!