We also have new staff to tell you about! We are very excited.
Everyone who is hired as staff here in Nigeria to work with us, goes on 6-month probation time (split into two 3 month sections for review).
We are happy to welcome Tony and Evelyn Obediah on as our first House Parents! Evelyn is already here with us in the village for the past week and her husband Tony will soon be joining us. They live here in the house with us and act as the parents for the children. They are both previously teachers and bankers and have a passion to work with children.
We are happy to welcome HeavyD (Ikechukwu Onwuka) who has come on board to help us in the office and with some administrative duties. HeavyD has been a neighbour of ours for years, he is a very bright man who is eager to learn and be of service. He also enjoys playing with the children. HeavyD speaks Igbo so he has been a big help as one of our children is still learning to speak English.

We are currently working with someone else part time during the days who spends with the children during lesson and play time.

We are still PRAYING strongly for some volunteers to come over here to us for 6-12 months, to help support our staff in the home and more.