On Friday we recieved some rather dissapointing news. It would appear that after almost three years of continual requesting for assistance and clarification of the necessary papers for international volunteers, and continual advice and direction from various Immigration personal, that we have been guided the completely wrong way. We have just come to realize that the vast amount of our time and personal money spent toward our expatriate quota applications and approvals, visas requested and extened, has all been wasted. While we have made clear from the very begining that our work is one of mission and humanitarian efforts with an established NGO, it seems no one was actually listening to us and led us to do paperwork that is all required for “BUSINESSES” rather then NGOs. We now are literally back to square one and have an entirely new process to follow for ensuring proper registration of the NGO in the country that allows for application and approval of proper visa’s and residency for both us here now, and those to come in the future. Please pray that we are able to acquire the proper papers from Canada and Abia expediently, as well as write all the new documentation need; pray that we are helped by others here in this process and not have loopholes and impediments thrown our way, pray that we have patience, energy and a gentle spirit in working through these meetings and enduring these proceedings. We do not know how long this will take, our current visa allows us to stay until August, and our children/staff in the village are still awaiting our arrival!