We are excited to announce we should be receiving one of our first two promised vehicles, NEXT WEEK! YAY!
This has been a top priority request for some time and seeing the end in sight is a huge relief to many of the daily challenges we have been facing with lack of transport. We are so excited. I will be sure to let you know when it arrives and put up pictures!

Also, we have several individuals compiling items for us that include:
a generator
battery/rechargeable oscillating fans
an inverter (power saver)
and others not mentioned to be but presumably taken from our request list…

We have our Igwe working hard on making contacts for us to have a second and possibly third house donated to us. We are waiting for some meetings to take place hopefully this weekend regarding this. We are hoping for the second house to be made available and moved into by Dec.

I must also mention that as we have distant relatives or community members coming to see us and visit the children here, each of them always bring items for us to help in some way. We are grateful!
We have recieved:
malta drink
yogurt drink