As I mentioned, the current house is going on amazing! We are managing despite the hardship and finding joy and progress in every day

We are also making positive motions forward on our land in Abia. We have found an amazing location and are in the process of having the village elders officially sign it over. When that happens we will begin surveying and then walling. We have also created a working relationship with the Mbaka Foundation which is also in Abia State and its head office by us in the village. Their vision and objectives fall closely along ours, but differ enough that it creates a viable relationship to work together and meet a greater number of needs. We are excited about this.

FCT ( Federal Capital Territory)

We have been putting greater efforts, due to requests for involvement, toward our set up in FCT. There have been some amazing resources and networks opening up to us. Meetings and discussions are still in active process and we are looking forward to concrete steps leading to official set up soon!  Stay posted!