We have been working tirelessly to find avenues of fundraising and support for our Borehole Project over the last two years. Water is an extremely necessary and valued commodity in Nigeria. Many communities, of tens of thousands of people, share the few boreholes put in during the 1960’s (that are no longer clean) or they walk miles and hours every day to collect water from contaminated sources. We ourselves need clean water on our site, as well as desire to offer it to those around us.

We had been working with The Rotary Club of Chilliwack – Friday Club on an application for a grant to pursue this project. After much time spent on it, they have pulled out. We will continue to pursue fundraising for this project on our own as well as look for other groups to partner with.

As you all are aware, or can be made aware of, Nigeria is a very difficult country to get exact information and numbers from. You need to be on the ground working in a very tangible way, having made relationships over time, in order to retrieve some of the basic information necessary. It will always be difficult to ‘partner’ with other groups who operate on an extremely rigid numbers system. We understand that is the way they run, but also understand that it is impossible for us to give exact numbers and information and guarantee it.

Please continue to join us in prayer and brainstorming as to other ways that we can finish our Borehole truck, ship it over to Nigeria, and get started on providing the life-changing, healing source of water to a people in need.