I put up our last update in the beginning of August when John and Leonie had recently arrived. Things were super busy and great the entire time they were here. We were able to attend many important meetings with politicians and other government personal, top military men, Igwe’s and Eze’s along with tribal councils, religious leaders, and community meetings. All in all great networking for getting our information out and our requests. We have received amazing feedback and support in return.
We are currently looking into a specific situation regarding three children (1yr, 2yr, and 4yr) that are siblings and potentially fit our profile. We are doing some researching and meetings surrounding the situation.
We also have some other situations that have come to our attention regarding some infants being rescued out of baby factories. We are looking into what we are capable of taking on at this point.
Also we were shown several wonderful pieces of land, belonging to various individuals, families, communities, ect. There is one in particular that really is perfect for what our plan is. We are considering, discussing, and praying about it. Soon we will decide whether to enter into negotiations for acquisition.
I have been in Abuja the capital city for going on three weeks now. I came up here to drop John and Leonie for the trip back to Canada and to have some important meetings. I was able to see Steve (dad) off also. I have had one informal interviewed a couple for potential staff hire, there are still many things to be sorted before anyone can be brought on for probationary training and hire (like we have to have children in the house first).
I will be traveling back to the village after the weekend.

PLEASE continue to spread the word about TWCF and help raise more financial support!