This morning was an impromptu meeting with our Igwe Chris and our two Eze’s Ifeayni and Alfred. These are the men who have spoken and acted on our behalf to enable our Foundation to enter back into Nigeria after the previous issues that we have had in past years. We work closely with them, and take their council and advice into consideration as culturally they are highly respected. I was surprised that i was to Chair the meeting and it was more formal then a visit. So it was with laughter that I tried to run an agenda from memory and used an imaginary gavel. They were very excited and happy to meet John and Leonie, further members our Foundations team. It speaks volumes to them on our behalf that there are always different people for them to meet. It helps promote the work of the Foundation and the involvement of many different people. Leonie presented them with the whole-made baked cookies she brought for them. They were beyond excited about them. Igwe Chris (our King and retired Chairman of the entire Tribal Council of Isuikwuato) opened and started eating his right away. Leonie is now the favorite!
Our meeting went well, covering several important points. We are grateful to have their support. We will meet with them next week again, as well as the new Eze of our immediate area.
Well, I am off…today is laundry day and yard maintenance day – the guys are trying to fix the water tanks. Also we are preparing a big meal as there are some poor neighboring children coming to share food with us today. About 7 that we know of, perhaps their will be more..
REQUEST: We would like to start back up a feeding program for Saturdays only. One big noon day meal for any of the children around that need to come and eat. If you feel inclined to support and give to this ministry specifically, please contact us through the website so we can set up a fund for this! Thank you!