We had another birthday to celebrate here! Our “little” girl and first child in the home, has turned 9yrs old. After school lessons we had goodie bags with groundnuts/candies/biscuits/juice and a balloon each, we had some balloons around the house (note that balloons are the most coveted toy here), and some signs and ribbons. We all played games together, coloured, made beautiful butterfly crafts out of toilet paper rolls and construction paper (brought from Canada), read stories, and sang songs and dances listening to music. In the evening we had Nigerian soup for dinner and after with singing Happy Birthday, ate cookies brought from Canada and opened her presents. She got beautiful hand made card that Laurel made for us, new hairbands and a lovely set of three “my little ponies” that have hair clips and combs. Not only has she never had any toy before, let alone her own toys, she has never had a birthday celebration. Personally I have commenced to read her Birthday card over to her five times just this morning as she keeps wanting to hear it again and again. It just says it is for her on her birthday and how much we love her and are proud of her to grow and be a wonderful good child and love her family. As you can see, these things are so important, especially to children who have never heard these things, never felt loved or important, and never had anything belong to them, from a toy to even a house to stay in. Well, overall it was a wonderful celebration and day!