I am on the ground in the village after a bit of time away doing networking and promoting for TWCF. The children and staff have been managing remarkably in my absence. We certainly have a strong team and family here that are passionate about pursuing our goals and seeing them come to fruition.
The weather is very hot although it is rainy season, and the humidity slows everything down for us adults. Yet, the children still play, sing, dance and run around with great energy. Every night we are ‘Wowed’ by loud and amazing thunder and lightening shows. Although on a ‘damper’ note our laundry rarely dries and we are all wearing ‘damp’ clothes all the time (yes, that is a cheesy pun).
We are actively pursuing finding a second home as well as on the look out for more potential staff. Also we are in discussion over some land that looks great, so we ask for continued prayer in finding someone(s) here to purchase it on our behalf.