In the last few months we have had several offers of available land for purchase. While we had always hoped to have land donated it seems there are too many strings attached to something being given for “free”. We are happy to now understand that it may be best to purchase land so that the Foundation will outright hold the deed and ownership titles to the land. So with that said, many of the proposed sites are fairly suitable. We have our work cut out for us in weighing pros and cons of each site, while slowly enter negotiations to gain more information.

We are eager to find the right place so we can begin our permanent project site in Abia. It will be so wonderful to have our homes, and other facilities, built just the way we need them. Also, as time has been going and applications coming to the home for children to be placed, we are at capacity for our first home!! We need to have another home donated so we can continue accepting children while we work toward our permanent location.

So again we have a job cut out for us in now raising funds to purchase the land we decide on. Please join us in prayer, and spreading the word!!