We have had a wonderful man who is from Isuikwuato, who more recently heard about us and what we are doing, and stepped in immediately to start donating finances to us. It has been beyond exciting as he is the first person here in Nigeria to take a serious interest by helping, and who has backed up his words of support with his actions and follow through. We are so grateful and pray God’s blessings on him as he has continued to support us over the last four weeks.

With those donations we have been able to AT LAST put up our security wire around the compound wall. We also were able to meet a months wages for the staff as well as diesel and water for two weeks. We are continuing to do work around the house with the on going support, by having new front doors for the house made, a new door frame plus labour for installation. Also we are able to poor new cement slaps and wall to extend the generator shed, as we have also had a NEW generator donated!!! We are awaiting its arrival soon.