A very busy and exciting month around our house. Our three children who were attending a community school, rounded up with exams and then joined everyone else at the house. There were lots of football matches being held with the children and the staff. The house, walls, door frames and windows were filled with pictures and paper crafts for the Christmas celebration. The little artificial Christmas tree was put up with everyone participating in decorating it with our home made paper birds and bells. We had tried making salt decorations to paint, unfortunately it was too humid  for them to dry out completely and it just created a soggy mess. There was story readings and teachings and little drama/sketches to act out. Lots of story-story (which is everyone telling turns making up a story that has a learning point). Amos and the staff had fun getting the list of little gifts for each of the children, and the daily preparation of food for over the holidays. There was much rejoicing as over the two weeks of Christmas as we have meat in the house! Fried, dry-spiced chicken and beef; delicious, one small cube each day. This year we did not have too many visitors, which was a bit sad as so many people know about us and our work, and it is actually their duty to come and visit the orphan homes and motherless babies homes. We did have our good friend General Dick and his wife Ufuoma come and visit, another friend Dave, and two representatives from the Mbaka Foundation. We are grateful they remembered us. We also spent some time taking little bits of what we had and sharing it with some of those in need.