We are all soooo excited to finally add some more girls to our highly male dominated children’s home! Although we love our boys dearly, seeing some lovely girly smiles and pretty dresses, and doing hair is certainly fun too!

We have just received three beautiful little girls who have been rescued from a baby factory. The State Women’s Affairs called asking if we could please make room in our home for some emergency cases and we couldn’t say no. So it is with great joy and rushing about to buy mattresses and shift everything about, that we have made room. Our other children are so happy and excited, to have their new sisters.  These girls are 4yrs, 3yrs and 8months old. And we have given them the names of Jobs daughters when his life turned around and God blessed him; Keren, Keziah, and Jemimah!

We are thrilled to show the love and compassion of Jesus to these girls and to help them learn about what true family is like. That life can be filled with kind people, with family who love them, and with positive learning and growing. Please pray for them as we go through some medical testing with them and help sort out their individual medical challenges and poor health. xoxo