We have started our own school! We are “unofficially” open as of yet, because we are still in the process of registration. But we have begun classes at the children’s home, Mon-Fri from 9am-4pm. We are so excited! It has taken much thought and prayer, as well as a year of trial runs with a few of our kids in a community private school, before it became abundantly clear that it is in the best interest of our children that they be schooled at home by us. Not only are their academics being supported, but also their behavioural challenges and their spiritual growth. Everyone has adjusted quickly and with excitement to the new system. After breakfast in the morning all together, everyone is quick to get their school bags and run off to their designated ‘class area’ in the house. We have hired another teacher to help us. So we now have three staff working in teaching positions :) We are currently looking to begin another home, as this one is quite full, and we are also scouting out a building to be used for the school itself.

We look forward to growing this section of our organization so that eventually we might be able to accommodate some of the less privileged children in the area who do not attend school.