Well we have a bit of sad news. After having our three little girls, Keren, Keziah and Jemimah for one week, we hear back from Women’s Affairs and the two littlest girls had to be released back to the custody of their mothers. Their situation is still very tenuous and they may yet return.  The mothers are being monitored as to their ability to care for and not abuse or sell these babies. They will be watched and monitored however should they be permanently removed and placed with us. It was hard for the staff and children to say goodbye to Keziah and Jemimah as they all fell in love with them so fast and they flourished in the care that we were able to provide. We pray God’s safety over their lives and if it is His will, that they be returned to us.

The majority of our children are permanently placed with us. However we do have a working relationship with Womens Affairs and with NAPTIP,( National Agency to Prevent Trafficking In Persons). that sometimes we will provide a temporary placement for children while the situations are being investigated. Of course it is our hope that they can stay with us, but it is a fact that sometimes children in this category will not stay permanently with us.