….Courtney has had no way to communicate it to you.  Her computer hard drive crashed so I will try to fill in some gaps here from Canada.

We have a new generator this month, which was graciously donated to us by Jack Daswani .  Thank you Jack.  It is amazing and serves us so well.  The lights are back on at night in the children’s home!!! 

We also have a new member of the family.  Joining his new siblings is little Tobias who is approximately 15 months of age.  He was very sick when he arrived, but thanks be to God that he has recovered well and is happily running around and enjoying life as every child should. 

Also, surveying is taking place on a parcel of land which has been donated and will become the permanent project site of  The Wanted Children Foundation, TWCF, in Abia state.  The large home we currently have, (which we have been in for almost 8 years), is a temporary location, and we will continue to use it until this new site is made ready.  

The full scale vision in setting up the children’s homes to effectively care for our children, is one of a ‘village within a village’. We intend to build a TWCF community within the larger community at hand. In order to meet and accommodate needs of the children in our care in a holistic way, it is best to provide the necessary programs ourselves.  Several children’s homes  will be built,  in a village style and this neighbourhood will also incorporate a security building, office, staff house building for those who are employed in the running and maintenance of the facility, a guest house (for expat volunteers/ visitors), a generator shed,  laundry facility, a borehole, and farming space.  Adjoining the property, yet separated by a fence/wall, will be; a primary school (to be added onto one year at a time as the children begin to reach higher grades), a library, a clinic, a sports center (basketball court and soccer field),  and pipes accessing water to the outside community. These projects on the adjoined property will be used for TWCF and its children as well as providing access for the community at large to access. Not only will we meet the needs of the children in our program by providing every aspect of holistic care, but we bring much needed resources to our community.  All very exciting!

 More on this later.