This month has been filled with meetings both in Abia State and in FCT. I have traveled twice in this month to Abuja to work on our Expat paperwork it is taking a long time to make progress, but we know everything is in God’s timing. So in the meanwhile there have been meetings in Abia State, in Umuahia as well as in the Isuikwuato LG villages.
*We have had ongoing support from our Abia SS Director and Assistant Director, we are so grateful for them as we would have been in a serious dilemma without their willingness to help. We have had several good discussions with the Perm Sec of Women’s Affairs for Abia State, and have her full support for running our home and the program we offer in regards to caring for OVC’s. We also met with the Perm Sec and Director of the Children’s Welfare Department, and have their cooperation and support in running our program as well. We have met with the heads of the main hospitals in Umuahia, specifically in the maternity and pediatric wards, sharing our information and availability to review situations that make come up through them.
We have made a concentrated effort to meet more of the Eze’s, Chiefs and big business men who are all leaders in our surrounding villages and community. It has been a pleasure to make their acquaintances and we pray and hope for their support and willingness to step forward and be a part of what we are doing as they have the resources to do so.
*During my time in Abuja, there have been multiple meetings with the Ministry of Interior, those who are holding our Expatriate Quota applications. Peter and I have held meetings to discuss what steps to take and what options to pursue.
We have touched base with our Director of SS as well as the Director of Internal Security of SS. They both are supporting us with our documentation.
I have met with several individuals who run different NGO’s in Nigeria, from HIV/Aids education, TB awareness, and educational support programs. It has been very informative to learn what other areas in the country are needing support and change, as well as to learn that there are others out there making an effort for change.