At the beginning of the month I visited Umuahia Prison to speak to the Warden and Matron of the women’s section. I was informing them of our work and that we were aware there are cases of women who have children within the prison, and we were interested to know the particulars of their situations, if they had an interest in us. I was introduced to a particular young woman who is the mother of twin two-year-old girls. They were born in the prison and have never left it. I have had several meetings with this mother and the heads of the prison to discuss TWCF and how we approve cases and run our program. This mother is considering giving up parenting rights to her children and handing them over to us, so they might have an opportunity for positive and successful lives and grow up outside the prison. It is a big decision for her, and in Nigeria, does not make it on her own. She must have extended family be aware and agree as well as the lawyer on her case. We are open to take these girls and trust that God will help make the process and decisions clear.