We continue to partner with various NGO’s, individuals, and government agencies/ministries/departments regarding Peace-building work, Conflict Resolution and Mediation, Mental Health Awareness training, Trauma-informed Interventions, Trauma-informed Alternative Education, and dialogue/teaching on various aspects of Human Security, social norms, ethics, and responsibility/accountability (family, societal, global).

We are excited and passionate about the opportunities we have had to provide these various services, concepts, teachings, and supports in Nigeria. We pray continued direction and wisdom as meetings, discussions, trainings, workshops and initiatives continue in addressing the challenges and hurts of the country.

We currently are working on proposals and initiatives that are (and will) support the IDP’s (Internally Displaced Persons) in Nigeria, as they begin their long journey to recovery after the horrors and loss inflicted by Boko Haram. Our focuses in this regard are Mental Health/Neurodevelopmental trauma-informed interventions and therapy, education for children, and the restoration of dignity, self-worth, and identity through skills and job supports for adults.

Peace Work Photos