Well it has been a long two weeks of strange noises at night in the ceiling. While we are used to the typical lizard races and fight clubs that are clearly going on up there, as well as the chichiba (mouse/shrew thing) and rat scampering around and games of tag…there have been some strange non-legged animal sounds going on.

Well after listening carefully night after night, which is only possible as our generator has been broken and not running, and in-between the screaming sessions that Michael has, oh yes, and on the nights that there happen not to be neighbours yelling and fighting, evangelists preaching in mega phones and praying, the town square bell and town crier, or all night vigils or wake keeps… well we have discovered and come to the conclusion that there is a distinct and large SLITHERING sound going on in the ceiling! AHHHHH. Yes what in the world are we going to do!? We have checked to make sure there is now way for our new non-welcome friend to come through the roof into any of the upstairs rooms, but how do we get him OUT is the questions. So we have consulted with our staff and discussed some of our funny traditional and herbal methods lol, and have come to the conclusion we need a professional “vermin catcher”. So until such a time as a “vermin catcher” can be acquired we are sleeping with one eye open and having our torches click on and off throughout the night…just incase.