Well, our generator has been broken for one week straight this time. Often before it has been broken for several days only, but this has been the longest. And with a full house and children it is certainly not easy. We are getting by with lots of hard work, patience and with our torches as we have been lucky enough to see NEPA light come on a once a day whether for 20 min or for a couple hours, it has been enough to charge the lights. We have had the pieces of the gen in the city twice trying to be fixed as well as people in the gen-shed everyday working on it. Hopefully by tonight it may be working again! To be honest this gen is very old and it has served us so well and faithfully. It is by God’s grace that it has been running over this last year, though it has broken down many times, we always managed to get it fixed for a time. We are looking forward to a new generator soon!