We are working hard at meeting the needs of the house each day, its not been too easy, but God keeps coming through. We were low on food in the store and going through the small money we had to selectively shop, and we were called that day by the head of Abia State Women’s Affairs to hurry and come into town because our NGO had been selected by the Governors wife to receive donations. So we rushed there and got to the event just minutes before they started calling the selected NGO’s up. We received 7 bags of rice, a bag of beans, cartons of pasta and Mr Noodles, toilet paper, yams, cartons of soap and Milo (a hot chocolate type drink). Upon our turn to meet Her Excellency and shake hands, she was so happy to see me and know we were working in her State. After they finished handing all the donations out, they asked me to be the Speaker of the Vote of Thanks address to Her Excellency on behalf of the State and all the homes that received donations. I said yes, and spur of the moment with help from the MC, wrote an address to give.  The whole event of course was filmed and on TV and the news. So hopefully that has helped get the word out about who we are! We also saw two other friends of ours from in Abia that run motherless babies homes, and they also had been selected for donations.

Also in the last two weeks we have had some specific visitors come by who have been bringing us bottled water and bread! As we have to buy bread every day, it has been such a blessing. Thank you.