Welcome to our new little “son”, Michael!

Michael has finally moved in to live with us. We are so excited as we have been waiting months for him. Yesterday we welcomed him with open arms and he had a good day transitioning while meeting everyone. (Today has been a bit more difficult, but it will get better).

Michael is 2.5yrs old and suffered from Bacterial Meningitis just under over a year ago. He is a strong and brave boy to have survived, although he came out of it having lost the ability, to talk, walk, sit-up, control his limbs and more. It is hope with some intense physiotherapy and daily exercises from us, we will be able to get some muscle tone back in his legs, hips and arms, as well as help with some core body strengthening. He also needs support and work in the way of face/mouth muscle movement and vocal control. He can chew and swallow food (if its cut or mashed a bit) though and drink too! Yay!

Michael loves to smile and laugh and does try to talk to us although words just dont seem to come out. He is cute as ever and is going to be a great joy for us all in this house!