Tickets have been purchased and the team leaves beautiful Vancouver on July 3rd. Currently visa paperwork for two members of the team is being worked through, and both new shots and updated shots for everyone are being done. AHHH needles.
There has been so much work done both by TWCF here in preparation to leave, as well as by our staff on the ground in Nigeria. We are overwhelmed with excitement for our return to the current site in Abia State, to finish fixing it up and readying it for re-opening. This will consist of wiring for light (generator/NAPA power), plumbing to fix leaking sinks and toilets so at least they drain (there is no running water), cleaning the compound, concrete work in the compound, fixing the rooms and setting them up, building bunk beds and shelves, ect. The list goes on. Catherine and I, in conjunction with some knowledgeable others, are working on documents to accurately asses top priority OVC (orphans and vulnerable children) in our area to begin taking them in.