The team leaves in 6 days. There is a mass amount of scrambling on everyone’s part to do last minute things before the trip.
The majority of these things are coming down to find every last penny we can to help cover re-opening costs of the Aine Adaeze Home and then maintain costs as children come to live in it.
After a last Board meeting before the trip, some numbers were crunched and a budget looked at.
We are going to be looking at $4000-$5000 a month for running/living costs of the home. This is based on the numbers of 6 six children, 3 staff and two security living in the home. The amount for the first couple months will be higher as there are start-up costs involved. Also, we have specific one-time items that will need to be purchased if anyone is interested in knowing what they are and taking them on for us.
As the budget becomes more clear, I will post more accurate numbers in a break down for everyone to see.

At this point we are looking for individuals, families, farms, companies, businesses, bands, ect. to come together and ‘Buy’ us a month to keep going. We are also asking if people can commit to at least¬†$1 a day ($30 per month) and support us that way.
We have Auto-debit forms where you can commit to biweekly or once a month for a year, or Paypal on the Donate page for different one-off amounts.
PLEASE contact us ASAP if you can help before we leave, or use the Donate Page.