Well, there has been a slight change in plans.

John and Leonie, the two individuals who were joining us on this trip, received their passports back from the Nigerian High Commission in Ottawa on Friday, with no visas.  While this is extremely frustrating and changes our initial trip plans, it reminds us that we must continually roll with the punches, as things will never happen according to our timeline. We trust that God has an answer to the “why” questions and we will constantly wait for the right doors to open.

So, the new plan is that the three of us who are arriving in Nigeria this week, will spend time in the capital city sorting through immigration paperwork and invitation letters, with the plan that John and Leonie will be joining us in three weeks time. We will also be finalizing our official documents for establishing the Nigerian branch of TWCF in Nigeria. With that done we are able to legally accept children into the home,  invite our own volunteers to come over, as well as hopefully apply for grants and designated project monies available through the many embassies represented in Abuja (the capital city of Nigeria).