I suppose it has been awhile since I have wrote on the blog and I blame it on the VILLAGE! :) We have now been down in the village for about 6 days. We travelled by road on Tuesday, and after 9 hours, arrived at our home. It was a very long trip, but it rained only once, so the road was clear and dry to drive on. We stopped a few times to get fuel and pump up the air in the tires. It was wonderful to finally get to the house. Our staff Amos was waiting for us, and our widow and three kids!
The last several days have been filled with lots of talk and discussions with various people that have come by as well as with Amos, in order to prepare the hearts and minds of those around, for the work that we are going to start again. It is very important that everyone has a very clear understanding of what we are going to be doing here, so that our program and system is not abused, but rather supported and valued by those in our community and surrounding areas. We have very specific guidelines and program as to how this project  is going to work (as in we are here to help orphaned children who fit a specific criteria), which means it will take time before the community themselves will be benefited.  So we need grace as we help share this and they need understanding to accept it.