Well, after waiting for what seem like EVER, we have received our official legal Certificate of Incorporation for “The Wanted Children Foundation Nigeria” NGO to operate in Nigeria!!!!!
We are so excited and relieved. Having this paper is a big piece of our puzzle in place. Now that we have it, we can begin making preparations for children to live with us. We will be working with the Tribal Council Leaders and the Religious leaders in our area to help identify children that fit our specific criteria. We will take children starting from our immediate location, and then slowly expand out. We will reserve a few spots at all times for our collaborative efforts with the Governments Human Trafficking Law Enforcement Agency.
We will be leaving Abuja shortly to get to the village finally! We are so ready, we heard from our staff Amos, that the people and children in the village are “disturbing seriously” at the gate, saying where are we and why haven’t we come yet, they are waiting for us!!