Well after 9 days in a small room with a double bed for the three of us, a secure but small compound that you cant go out of…we have moved to a new place!!! The previous place is the one we typically stay at when we come in an out of Abuja, but as funds are tight right now, we opted to share a room, and even with that the space in the compound is small and the expenses add up after that many days! Remember it is not cheap to live here, many things are the equivalent of home in Canada. So we had a close friend of a close friend of mine, offer for us to come and stay in his house with him! It is in a large secure and gated housing area so we can go for walks, and the house is wonderful, we have our own rooms and bathrooms and a kitchen to cook our own food. So we are living together with the other people in the house; it is good to be in fellowship with others! We also have use of the second car in the house and a driver. We moved here just yesterday (Saturday) and will be here until we go down to the village. Still hoping for our paperwork to be ready on Wed. In the meanwhile we are setting up some more meetings with key people, government groups, and embassies for this week.