Last two days have been busy and productive. We have met with the South African and Japanese Embassies finding out good information regarding support for grassroots projects. We have had our letters of introduction passed on from the individuals we met and spoke with to their boards as well as some Nigerian businesses and retired politicians that these embassy individuals are in contact with. We are happy with those meetings. We also have had some meetings with individuals that are in strong networking positions for us. We have been receiving strong verbal support and encouragement for our strength and courage to be working in Nigeria, alas we have not received and financial support yet. Steve and Peter spent time yesterday looking at some vehicles as it is imperative we have one as soon as possible. Catherine and I went with a good friend of mine Kayode, to meet with someone who has a children’s home running up here. We were able to hear wonderful ideas and support from them as to how they set up and run. We then went and visited the home! It currently has seven orphans that are in between 8 and 15yrs old and it is run by a young couple and their baby who are the house parents! These children are well under the typical size for their ages, due to the trauma they have experienced. The psychological effects from the traumas they have gone through directly relate to growth and development in children. It was wonderful to meet them all, spending time speaking with each of them and being shown around their place. Great insights from the couple as to how they work with these children. We also visited a public/government funded children’s home that has 56 children from 0-18. While it is wonderful that these children have shelter/food/and schooling, the conditions and program are sadly lacking.