Hey everyone,
We arrived safe and sound in Abuja, no missed flights and only a slight delay leaving London. We were greeted quickly after getting off the plane by a new immigration official who promptly took our papers/passports and let us go collect our luggage. Unfortunately there was a problem getting everyone’s luggage off the plane so that made for a LONG and crowded wait with lots of pushing. Eventually we got all our bags and papers and walked quickly through customs without having our bag contents checked. Our previous driver from March was there with Peter to greet us and take us to our regular accommodations in Abuja.

In the past four days we have seemed to get a lot done (as well as catching up on sleep when the rain is too much to go out). We have met with our Lawyer several times to continue processing our paper work. As of today it should be officially completed in one weeks time and we will receive our certificate of incorporation. YAY! We also met with the Comptroller of Immigration, who explained how expatriate quotas work and what will work best for us and our volunteers. He took our passports today and will extend all our visa’s and have them ready by tomorrow. YAY! We met with the South African Embassy’s First Secretary and introduced ourselves and handed out our  first letters explaining the Foundation and project goals. He was very helpful in saying he would pass our letters to the former Governor of Abia State whom he was dining with that night, as well as to some of the Embassy executives and board at the upcoming Nelson Mandela Day Celebrations.

So now we await getting our passports back as we need them to enter any of the embassies, and we wait for the final meeting with our lawyer tomorrow for the last signatures.  (PS. visit the FB page – The Wanted Children Foundation, and our Instagram – twcf, to keep up on new little blurbs of info and pictures!)