Since we have been in the village we have been mostly having conversations, writing lots of documents, speaking with guests and visitors who are dropping by, and work on the house. Steve, Amos, and on of our neighbours HeavyD have been cleaning the compound by digging holes and burying metal, glass, and garbage. We have been burning lots of garbage also. Cat and I have been bleaching floors, killing mice things (chichi-ba) and lizards in rooms and get them ready for beds or office supplies. We have also been carrying lots of water, and cooking. Steve and HeavyD chopped down a banana tree that was touch our NEPA power lines in hopes that it would help…it hasn’t haha, the light is just that bad, as in when it is even on. It has been on three times in 6 days. They also chopped down some big trees that were growing to close inside the compound walls and making the wall crack. And by chop down I mean using a machete. We are trying to write lists of supplies that we are going to need from town… which is a lot, however we do not have a vehicle so it is very difficult. We haven’t been able to move out of the compound since we arrived. I have walked down the road a couple times to buy phone credit, but I am not suppose to until we have clearance from the head of state security. The Igwe gave us his second vehicle to use, so Amos went Thursday to go and collect it from Port Harcourt. Unfortunately it is in disrepair and broke down on the way. So we finally got it on Friday night but we are not sure about using it. Steve and Amos and HeavyD spent some time working on it on Saturday but it is going to be sketchy to use. But we have to get around somehow. We are praying for getting a vehicle here to use that is in good shape for a couple weeks or at least until we get our own. We have connections to be able to purchase/ship/clear of the docks a vehicle from Toronto over to here. We however just need to “find” the vehicle we need for the price we can afford and then people to help pay for it! So if you know anyone who can help in those areas… let us know!!!!
There are lots of pics up on Instagram and FB.