This week has been so busy. We welcomed John and Leonie, two of our other summer team members. They finally arrived safe and sound to us here in the village by the late afternoon on Wed (not after being stopped at many roadblocks and being asked if they were kidnapped by the drivers… sigh, Nigeria). They were lucky to arrive WITH all their papers and travel documents still with them.
We had issues with retaining the van we were arranging to use for the next few days, so the second driver was released and sent away. Our main driver Ifeanyi went to Umuahia to make arrangements for something else. He was able to find someone who would give us a van and driver for the set prices, everyone else as soon as they knew we were white refused to do it unless they were paid way more since we are white and can apparently afford it. Ifeanyi found a good deal for us. So we have had a van to move around a little bit and start getting things done finally!