Steve and I went into Umuahia to have our much awaited meeting with the State Director of SSS. It was a wonderful meeting! We were so pleased and and relieved at the outcome of it. We have now been able to get to know the man more and he is in full support of what we are doing in this area. He gave us wise council and advice, asked us good questions to make sure we have thought of everything and covered all aspects in regards to setting up our projects. He believes that due to his work the area is okay for us to stay in and not have to have full-time security. (Yay!) However he will have SSS come around and see us and check, as well as undercover SSS in the village to make sure that we are protected and secured. We are so relieved that we do not have to have them visibly follow us. Also, if we are traveling to any area that he thinks sketchy, he will send them to escort us every time.
Another big thing, after a suggestion from our friend Philip, and some careful consideration and prayer, during our meeting I asked if it was possible for him to help us with a vehicle temporary as our arrangements had fallen through, we were without a vehicle and it was near impossible for us to do anything without having transportation, and if he could help us we would be so grateful… Well he thought and then said OF COURSE. Let me see what I can do. And it seems that the driver of our security team from last time is now assigned to us with a 4 door pick-up truck for us to be using. YAY!
So needless to say it went very well. There were a few other positive outcomes but I will just wait to report to you all on the outcome of those.