We will be looking at a possible second home to be donated to us for temporary use (1-2yrs) until we can get our own buildings up. We are so blessed and excited at this prospect and pray whatever is meant to be will work out. If we are able to acquire this home, it will take a short time to just dust and wash and weed, and then open it. We have four children that we will be able to take off our waitlist and accept into that home immediately.

We have also been in discussions concerning the land we had mentioned several months ago (back when Steve, Cat and Laurel where around). There have been several issues cropping up surrounding that and we have been trying to sort it out. At the same time we are also no pursuing a different option should that work out sooner and with no hitches.

We (along with people here as well) have to always be careful went entering agreements concerning land (or anything being given for free). This land we have been pursuing is suppose to be donated to us, with the community benefiting from the services we will provided by developing the area. If there is not full agreeance, and everyone in the community (including those who were born there and may not even live in the country anymore) must be made aware of any sort of transaction to occur. Everyone must agree. Papers must be signed showing the agreement of all. If this has not happened, it means that down the road you face the very likely possibility of someone from the community or a relative of someone coming to you and saying this is my/our land and “I” did not agree to this so you have to get off our land. This is something we do not want to face at all. So should things not be more then 100% perfect and agreeable with this community over this land we have been looking at and hoping to acquire, we will not take it.

Continue to pray for us that we get the right piece of land, in the right location, that the people and the paperwork all falls into place as it should, to ensure a long term/life time future home for our Abia base.