We finally have our first vehicle. We have waited forever for this day it seems. It has been so exciting and such a relief. Already so many more things are able to be done with access to a vehicle.
We acquired a Nissan Terrano off a British couple who needed to leave the country to their next post. It was previously a diplomatic vehicle and the couple helped process all the necessary paperwork to change it over to a ‘civilian’ vehicle. I traveled up to Abuja and with the support of one of our volunteer staff, Gideon, followed the process for changing ownership of the vehicle. We also did a few little things here and there like, getting our logo put on the door panels and window. Val and I, with a driver, drove the vehicle down from Abuja to the village. it was so exciting to reach the gate and honk the horn. The gates flew open with the kids and all the staff and neighbors over to see it!! There was lots of sitting in it and driving it around the compound. Later that eve Amos seat-belted all the kids and took them out for a drive to the junction. They came back with stories of everyone in towns amazement and excitement for our vehicle.

So already we have been able to take the children to the hospital and lab which is about a hour drive away. We have had them all checked and tested and I am happy to report we have three very healthy children!! We have been able to go to Umuahia to the bank and market, as well as many more little trips!

We say the biggest THANK YOU we can muster to those of you who helped contribute specifically toward the quick purchase of this vehicle!!