Just before Christmas I spent a few days with some friends, a couple, one of who has been my boss for the past year and a half that I have been a Special Ed Teacher and Case Manager. We had wonderful discussions surrounding walking in the call that God has placed on one’s life. Through those talks I realized even more assuredly that I was making the right decision in reading myself to return to Nigeria on a full time basis. In all my years of being back here, since having spent several years living in Nigeria, I have always felt a restlessness and a tugging at my heart. I have been unable to calmly settle into a job and feel confidently about it being right. At least not on a long term basis. Finally being able to accept that the last four years here have not been a waste, but that I have grown and learned, both academically, spiritually and personally, has lifted a heaviness in my heart in knowing I am to return to where my heart is. Plans are set in motion to return to Nigeria over Spring Break. We will be taking a team of people this time :)

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