Life has been very busy the last week. Up early and in bed late, following the daily routines as well as making changes and adjustments for efficiencies sake. There is still limited sleep at night due to various children and diaper changes or bad dreams, to night vigils or wake keeps in the community, or to chi-chi ba mice running up and down the windows and walls (as was the case last night).

Catherine and I are both spending large amounts of times in the various classes and with individual children to help adjust teaching and increase maximum learning and understanding. It is a regular conversation to remind staff that these children are not to be measured by ‘typical’ children’s standards, and that we teach according to their capability to learn. It is taking time to help the staff realize this as well as to go over basic concepts with the children again. Overall the children are doing very well in their individual learning capacities, we are very happy for them. Some of them can read stories to us already, others are learning their alphabets and starting to spell, and the younger ones are learning their colours and shapes!