All of our little ones are growing and learning every day. It is amazing to tsee the progress especially with some of the serious challenges they face.

Michael is now able to hold his own cup and with help feed himself, he also enjoys to hang himself off the couch or chair so his feet are touching the ground. This is vast improvement for him.

Gabriel Favour is rolling over and pushing himself up. He has also learned some words! It is amazing to hear him. He also knows to respond to his own name as well as to answer when asked how he is.

Toby is almost fully potty trained, with a few incidencs during naptime. He is extremly verbal and you can mostly follow a conversation with him now, although when he his upset our excited his voices his too high and his words all become nonsese (hard not to laugh and focus on figuring out what he is saying). He is very moody and picky however and spends a great amount of time in the ‘time-out’ chair in the office learning to share and obey.

Prince still struggles with sharing, but loves learning and is picking up quickly with hisABC’s and 123’s. He loves to have cuddles. He has a very bad speech problem although we have worked hard to mostly understand him. He also still struggles with sharing, but does love to play with the other little ones.

Olu, our newest addition, is still recovering from some illnesses, it will be sometime. She is often running temp and is either sad or tired. She is very quiet and doesnt speak, or make much noise at all for that matter. But she has now started learning a few words and can speak them with prompts. Olu is very happy to share with others and seems to enjoy pretend cooking, washing, and feeding others.