Abia Home Update…Exciting News!!!


We have exciting news…we have just accepted three new children into the home!! They arrived yesterday and are adjusting quite well!

There is Mercy who is around 4.5, Ijay who is about 3, and Emmanuel who is 1. They were in desperate need of bathing and food, and with help from our other children and staff are learning to pace themselves and adjust quite well. They are young enough that they are not too upset about the transition, or rather more excited to be sleeping in a house with a family and having food, after coming off the street begging for food and sleeping outside.  It took some serious scrubbing and several buckets of water with Dettol soap to wash away the dirt and grime. We were lucky enough that we had one set of clothes in the house for each size of the new kids! Yay, God is good. So they each have a new set of clothes too.


Accepting Children Process

Hello Everyone!
I apologize for the long delay in posting. Things have been very busy here with lots of traveling back and forth in the country, events and meetings, poor network, and lack of ability to be on the internet.

We are all doing very well! The children are great and growing. We as of a month ago we started drawing height measurements on the wall and it seems every few weeks they are passing them. They are also putting on weight… might have to start a regular DPA (Daily Physical Activity) session just to make sure they don’t put on too much. :)

There was information a while back that we were preparing for the arrival of four more children from two different cases. I want to update you that it is unlikely we will be receiving those children, do to different circumstances in both their cases. While our program is here to provide security, safety and opportunities for a future for children, we are NOT here to fight for custody of children from the situations they are in. We are working with different groups of people that are all leaders in some respect, to help us on behalf of receiving case information to work through. At this point in time, we do not and will not engage in action that actively fights cases to bring the children to us. We are here as an option for the children who meet our criteria and there must be a WILLING representative, be it a relative, community leader or government worker, who WILLINGLY releases and signs over the child to us.

I want to just let you all as followers of The Wanted Children Foundation know this information, so that you understand how our process works, and why it may seem to you that we have “few” children or not many children coming in all the time. We wait for Gods timing and pray and work very hard on each case and application that is brought before us, and there is a process to be followed to ensure the safety and security of the child in question, our current children in the home, and us as staff and a Foundation.
Take a moment to Google the story of ‘the boy and the starfish” to see how we view our work and our children. We are not basing our success on quantity but on quality; not how many we have and can get, but on how we can make a difference in the ones we have.

Recent donations and prospects!

We are excited to announce we should be receiving one of our first two promised vehicles, NEXT WEEK! YAY!
This has been a top priority request for some time and seeing the end in sight is a huge relief to many of the daily challenges we have been facing with lack of transport. We are so excited. I will be sure to let you know when it arrives and put up pictures!

Also, we have several individuals compiling items for us that include:
a generator
battery/rechargeable oscillating fans
an inverter (power saver)
and others not mentioned to be but presumably taken from our request list…

We have our Igwe working hard on making contacts for us to have a second and possibly third house donated to us. We are waiting for some meetings to take place hopefully this weekend regarding this. We are hoping for the second house to be made available and moved into by Dec.

I must also mention that as we have distant relatives or community members coming to see us and visit the children here, each of them always bring items for us to help in some way. We are grateful!
We have recieved:
malta drink
yogurt drink


We have had various people coming and visiting the home to see who we are and how we are doing. It is exciting as it is an action step that some individuals are taking.

Some of our friends who have come:
Igwe Chris – our Igwe who comes regularly to visit with the staff and children, and support new endeavors and objectives as they come up.
Francis – a medical professional from Abuja, who supports us with both medical and official advice as well as helping me when in Abuja with networking and meetings.
Effanga – a businessman from Abuja, who has taken interest in our work and keeps in contact by phone and visits to the house when in our state.
Dick – a retired general in the Nigerian Army and up and coming politician from Port Harcourt, who has taken personal interest in our work and came to the house to meet the staff and children.
SS men – regular guards and drivers who invest time speaking with the children, playing with them, teaching them bible stories and singing, all while on duty.

New Staff cont.

We are officially happy to welcome Tony Obediah to Adaeze Home in Amaba, Isuikwuato. He arrive to us on Thursday evening after a very long journey by road down here. Everyone as been eagerly anticipating his arrival, and the children were excited to meet their Daddie whom they have been speaking to on the phone.

Also, officially the staff member that is working with the children Monday-Friday on lessons, is Chinedu. So we are happy to welcome him officially. He is doing a wonderful job!