Children and Staff

The staff and children have all been keeping well in the village during this rainy season. There have been a few colds going around, but with the help of hot water, fresh ginger root, local honey and lime juice we are quickly treating the symptoms and shortening its life-span.

School classes have been going well, with each of the children in their various levels, working hard to the best of their ability. They all love art/craft time, and the youngest children enjoying drawing and colouring as well as hearing stories and singing.

Our new girls have adjusted well and are feeling at home and very welcomed by the children. The home is buzzing with the noise and activities of a busy and happy family!

Two new beautiful baby girls!!!!

We have been wonderfully blessed a few days ago…and are happy to welcome two new beauitful daughters home! A case was brought to our attention only a week ago, and after investigation and the noted urgency of the situation, we are so proud to have these lovely girls as additions to our family. They are roughly around the ages of 1.5 and 3.5 years old and are halfsisters. While they were very sad the first two days, they have been welcomed so gentley and compassionately by our children and staff, that they are slowly adjusting well.

Back on the ground!!

Myself and Cat are back on the ground in Nigeria. We have been here for two weeks now, all spent in Abuja, the capital city. We are still waiting for our papers to be processed. The visa’s we were granted to arrive with had to be changed over for residency and this takes time. We have filled our days with various meetings, phonecalls and emails, document writing, and down time. Our meetings have led to many possible doors opening, so we are carefully praying and considering new opportunities ahead. We hope to get our paperwork this week and make plans to head to the village.

Awards for school time!

Our beautiful children are doing so well. They are all healthy and growing and changing day by day. They miss their Mummy and are so excited to be reunited, spending much of their craft time making things for Mummy, Mummy Canada and Daddy Canada.

Teacher Chinedu held some school assessments for the children and presented them with their achievements and evaluations in a little ceremony held on the house front steps, with pictures taken to send to Mummy. We are so proud of our children and well they are doing! Some of the awards included “Personal Improvement in Reading, Positive Attitude, Helper, Personal Improvement in Mathematics, Kindness, Determination, Creativity in Science” etc.

Please check our FB page for new Photos (we are still working out the bugs for our photo plug in on this website. You can see photos on FB and on Instagram). Thank you!


Hot days

It is dry season, and the heat is intense. It is only when harmattan blows that there is slight coolness in the air. With harmattan though comes dust which often gives everyone colds. Thank goodness there are oranges in season now and that we discovered ginger root grows in excess here. We keep colds away! A plus to harmattan is that the laundry dries quickly on the line and there are slightly less bugs around.

The children occupy their time once out of lessons, by working in the gardens weeding and water. They are so excited when we have things growing! We keep experimenting with growing different things, hoping we can plant more nutritional foods as well as help sustain our own food intake. It is a work in progress. The children also play cards or games on the porch as well as have various game days were football (soccer), relay races, and bean-bag toss are engaged in. We look forward to having more soccer balls and frisbees come down from Canada!

We are going through water a lot faster also during dry season, as it is so important to keep hydrated, but that is also part of staying healthy!

Update on the children

Our children are doing wonderful! They are healthy and happy, progressing with each day. We thank God that there has been calmness in our village during this election time and that everyone is safe.

The children are growing, getting taller and more helpful as time goes by. They love going to class in the home and are each doing their best in school and daily activities. Behaviours and attitudes continue to be worked on and change through the help, guidance and love of the staff.  The new boys we received in February have adjusted very well and have become permanent members of the family, getting along well with all their other siblings and learning English quickly.

Our two girls in the home are still praying regularly that the next children will be girls as they are highly out numbered!

On the last cup of rice…

…When there was a honk at the gate. The Uche Ogah Foundation bus came to visit us last week bringing some much needed food donations. The house was on the last cups of rice when this wonderfully timed donation arrived. The bus came with Ogah Foundation members who visited with the children and spent time playing with them. They left with us much needed items including, yams, bags of rice, boxes of milo, milk, indomie, ground nut oil, soap, and tinned tomatoes. Everyone was so excited to have visitors and to receive these gifts. Thank you!

New little boys!!

We seem to be building up a boys army in our children’s home! We are so excited to welcome three new boys to our family. They are around the ages of 9, 6, and 4 yrs approx. They have come from a very sad and deplorible situation. They are suffering severe sympyoms of PTSD as well as being malnourished. These boys do not speak English although they understand bits of it. While they speak Igbo, they are not speaking much at all right now. The staff and other children are doing a good job of welcoming them and helping them feel comfortable and at home, it will just take some time. We are excited and hopefully for the healthy and much happier futures of these darling boys.

No bus for us :(

It seems it is not the time for us to get a bus. Although in our mind we really need one, God must have a bigger, better and safer plan that we dont know about yet. After trying for the third time to purchase a good condition used bus from within Nigeria, we have still not succeeded. I would say three times is a good amount of tries. We will no longer be trying to purchase a used vehicle over there. Our new tactic is to find the necessary finaces/support to purchase a brand new vehicle from one of the Lagos dealerships, or import our own vehicles from here. Please pray for the needed connections and finances to do either one of these…or that someone over there gives us a new bus.

Exciting News – new bus on its way.

Hey Everyone,

We do have exciting news; after some great time and organization, we now are in the processes of getting our new bus. Thanks to Mount Cheam Thursday Rotary for their generous donation to helps us purchase a bus and fix up our current Terrano. We are excited to get it, which should be in about two weeks time. Our 17 children and 7 staff do not fit in our 8 seat Terrano. :) We thank God for growing.